Where are the schleich® products made?

With figures ranging from piglets to Lava Smashers, and from playsets ranging from Dino Research Stations to a Fairy Cafe, schleich® builds playworlds as limitless as a child's imagination. And just like our toys, we're part of an ever-expanding world. With production facilities in Europe, Asia, Africa and around the world, we're truly a global company.

Whether they’re produced in Germany, Romania, Moldova, Portugal, Tunisia, or China, all Schleich products worldwide are made using the same materials and to the same standards, including the toy safety directive 2009/48/EC and DIN EN 71.

The materials and production processes are exactly the same at all our locations, ensuring consistent quality in every Schleich toy. To ensure these standards are maintained, all factories are subject to regular, rigorous checks.

The schleich® Group also requires all partner companies to be certified in line with the ICTI Ethical Toy Program, an initiative of the International Council of Toy Industries. The ICTI Ethical Toy Program ensures that certain practices are observed worldwide, including statutory working hours, minimum wage requirements, and a ban on forced and child labor.

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