My products are losing their colors. Why is that?

With respect to the background information, you have provided: we hand-decorate each individual figure. We use various decoration techniques in our efforts to make the animals as lifelike as possible. For example, we are increasingly using airbrushing to achieve very fine shading in fur structures. In practice, this very fine layer of paint is not as resistant to wear (eraser effect) as the areas applied using a brush; however, it is the only way for us to achieve the desired effect. Furthermore, we have received very positive feedback from our customers about this process, which has encouraged us to commit to using it.

All materials, paints and chemical components) we use in our products comply with all Rules, Bans, Standards Or Regulations applicable under the CPSIA or any other act enforceable by the CPSIA including: ASTMF 963-16; Illinois State Public Act 097-0612; US California Prop 65.

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